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Vodafone’s double data offer does not work on most data plans

News Home Page Friday 04 September 2015

Vodafone is going to town about its double data offer — claiming that now you can get double the amount of data at the same old recharge prices.

Most of the media reports on the subject say that the offer is valid on all data recharges, such as this one.

But is it really the case?

The fineprint says that you have to recharge using 121 or ‘special offers’ section of the app. So what if you don’t see any such special offers? Too bad.

In fact, dialing *121# lists all the double data offer available in the circle, and most often, you’ll see that only one or two packs are present. Most of, if not all, high-priced packs have been excluded from this scheme.

So, where did the miscommunication occur — at Vodafone’s level or at media’s level? Either way, if you want to take advantage of the offer, make sure that you dial *121# before getting your hopes up.

Vodafone has been falling behind Idea and Airtel in terms of data growth and has been keen to boost data consumption among its customers.

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